Value Added Services

Custom Applications to launch Innovative Services

Audio Conferencing Bridge

  • Reservation-Less On-Demand Conferencing
  • Versatile Conference Package Definitions
  • Moderator and Attendee Features
    • Lecture Mode for Moderators
    • Lock / Unlock Conference
    • Roll Call
    • Conference Recording
    • Email of Recorded Conference
  • Advertising based Free Service Support
  • Family Conversation Plans
  • Consumers can chat with other anonymous users without revealing their real phone numbers.

Voice Broadcasting

  • Important Alerts, Promotions and Campaigns can be run to reach Consumers in a cost effective and personalized way.
  • Pure Broadcasting / Advertising Models
  • Transfer the Call to Agent Feature
  • Lead Collection Model based on Customer Inputs
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Detailed Reporting on Campaigns and Results
  • Automatic Retries for certain Call Results
  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Customizable CLIs

"Missed Call" Applications

  • Brands and Advertisers can use Free missed calls from consumers to enhance engagement and feedback.
  • The advertised numbers for “missed call” campaign can be used as a Toll-Free number for Lead Generation, Surveys, Support Campaigns, Opinion Polls & performance feedbacks.
  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting for every campaign.

Virtual Number Service

  • This service can be offered by Dating / Matrimonial websites who can assign virtual numbers to their consumers.
  • Prospects can call these virtual numbers which are then forwarded to Real phone numbers of the subscribers enabling anonymity of the subscriber contact details till trust is established between both parties.
  • Under this service, the called party can only see the virtual number of the calling party as a CLI.

Caller Ring Back Tones

  • Additional Revenue Channel for Service Providers
  • 3 Variants: Single Personal Content for all Callers, Personalized Content based on a particular Caller & Advertisement as Content.

Voice / SMS Voting & Gaming

  • IVR / SMS based voting on campaigns, opinion polls etc.
  • IVR / SMS based gaming through a question and answer campaign.
  • These campaigns can be sponsored by various Brands and bring in additional revenues for the Service Provider.